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Easy Oven Baked Tofu

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Think you’re not a fan of tofu? Boy, have I got just the thing to change your mind… This Easy Oven Baked Tofu is so crazy yummy, tasty and addictive, you’ll soon find yourself popping it like potato chips!

When I first made this Oven Baked Tofu, my son — who was a teenager at the time — was still living at home and, well, just as pretty much any other reluctant growing boy — I guess — he was not exactly what one could call a fan of tofu.

But I remember the day I’d initially posted this recipe, he almost wolfed down the entire batch before I’d even had a chance to take pictures… or even bake it, for that matter!

I was standing in the kitchen, laying the marinated tofu cubes on a baking sheet, getting ready to put them in the oven, when he walked up to me and asked:– “What’s that?”

Before I even had a chance to answer, “THAT is tofu”, in an almost scandalized voice, as if he was going to get poisoned if he dared touch it, he had already wolfed down a piece and was grabbing a second one, followed by a third…

And then he said:– “Wow, it’s really good!” and walked away.

Whoa… wait a minute. Really good? This was TOFU he just ate, raw tofu! And he said, it’s really good? I couldn’t believe my ears!


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